Monday, June 28, 2004

I hear The Mamas and Papas singing......."Monday, Monday"

Today was for errands and house cleaning. I got the stupid jury snafu taken care of. They had me on the rolls twice. That's government for you.

I got some laundry done, and finally finished unpacking from the camping trip.

Camping was awesome. There were hardly any people at the was so relaxing. I love waking up to the smell of outdoors. One night a fox came right up to our table while we were sitting around the fire. The next evening a deer walked though the campground. There were bald eagles and ospreys in the trees.

I realized we do need to get either a small utility trailer or a roof carrier though....especially if we want to take Adam with us later this summer. The Volvo is stuffed to the gills, lol.

I went up to Roseville last night to see the guys play at the Placer Co. Fair. One lady got highly irritated that Casey and I won't take checks (or credit cards) for the tee shirts, etc. Sorry. We're not set up for that, lol. I also can't believe that the fair takes 20% of what the guys sell. That's the first time I have run into that. Oh well.
Speaking of surprises....Robert (Randy's stepson) is married! I haven't seen him in a couple of years. He is married to a really sweet girl named Bethany. He will be 21 next month (too young to get married, says the old woman) He reminded me he will be 21, and wants to go drinking. Um, I don't think so, sweetie;)

Father Ralph gave me crap, just like usual. Joey was in one of his "I don't want to talk to anyone" moods. Musicians:/ Steve is the only non moody one of the bunch,lol.


Pez said...

Sounds like camping was fun! Here's the wuss me - weren't you afraid that the fox has rabies????! LOL

Shelly said...

Luckily the fox only came as far as the table. We were farther away, near the fire pit. As soon as the fox saw *people*, it turned and ran. It sure was pretty though;)