Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I love the smell of lemon verbena. Really. I bought one last year for the perennial garden in the front yard, and I bought another one today to put in my herb garden in the back. The smell takes me back to my childhood. I loved getting lemon verbena lotion...

I also love the smell of cocoa mulch. I bought 3 bags today and spread it on the garden. Not only does it help with weeds, but it smells like a Hershey bar;) It smells like the cocoa butter I used to slather on my body before I went in the sun. How stupid was that. We didn't know any better then. Now its SPF 30+

I do still use cocoa butter though. It is great for my dry feet and heels:)

I'm on a good smells kick.....I usually am in the summer. I like floral scents then. When we were in Vegas, I went to Hilo Hatties and bought some perfume. Besides the Wicked Wahine, I bought small bottles of pikake, plumeria and Hawaiian white ginger. Now, if I could just bottle all the good smells of summer.....the beach, freshly washed hair....clean sheets.....actually, I probably can get all those smells in a bottle, lol. I'm sure Restoration Hardware has them;-)

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