Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Ok, I've rested now;)

Las Vegas was fun. We left Thursday afternoon and drove to beautiful downtown Mojave for the night. Gotta love Motel 6;-) Hey, it was a place to sleep.

We got up at the butt crack of dawn to finish the drive to Vegas. We stopped at Primm....home of a couple of casinos and a factory outlet mall. I wish I had more room in the car.....there is a Williams Sonoma outlet there.....and I could have done some serious damage there. As it was, I just bought some cool soap for the kitchen and a new chopper thingy. I also got 2 new pair of flip flops at Old Navy. $2 each....one yellow pair and one green pair.

We stayed at the Palace Station in Vegas. Nice hotel. Not spectacular, but nice. The guys played at the Suncoast. Now thatis a nice place. If they play there again, I am going to get a room there. Just couldn't afford it on a holiday weekend. Hoo boy do they jack the prices up on a holiday:/

Anyway, the shows were all great...and they sold out all three nights. Thank goodness for comp tickets;) If I had to pay the $35 a night for tickets, I doubt I'd be going much. I am so glad Steve takes care of my tickets, lol.......even when Casey can't make it. She is in rehearsals for the big play, so she couldn't come.

It was so good to see Cathy, Pat, Mary & all the kids. Cathy makes me laugh so much my sides ache. Monika was there with Joe. What a couple......if ever there were two people made for each other. Its nice to see that true love can win out in the end.

Chris & Joseph were busy all three nights. They saw 2 movies and a baseball game. I didn't feel so bad then.....they didn't sit in the hotel.

Saturday we shopped and swam........and Sunday we shopped (and swam). We went to another outlet mall, and we picked up a new pair of Vans for Joseph. $20.....you can't beat that! When we went to the Strip on Sunday, we went into the shopping mall area at the Aladdin. It is fabulous! I like the Forum shops at Caesars, but the Aladdin shops rock. There is a Hilo Hatties there.....and they had Wicked Wahine! Funny that my absolute favorite perfume is the hardest to find , unless you're in Hawaii. I have bottles of expensive perfume...I love Opium....but I get more compliments when I wear Wicked Wahine. 12 buck. I only wish I had bought 2 or 3 bottles, lol. Definitely next time

Tonight was the meeting for the camping retreat this weekend. It looks like I will have 3 or 4 girls in my charge. Theresa and Heidi are 2 of them though, so it shouldn't be too bad. Josephine isn't the most organized leader I'm discovering. She tells us tonight that she needs tents. She doesn't say a word to the kids:/ I have a humongous tent that sleeps something like 10 people.....but it is a pain in the ass to put up, so I am just bringing the small 3 man tent. I guess I will pick up another small one tomorrow......I have to make sure the girls have a tent to sleep in:/

Its off to bed for me now.....I am trying to get to bed at a decent hour.


Chris said...

What a great weekend!
(It took me forever to figure out why I couldn't see a post on your blog.)

Robin said...

I love Vegas! Glad you had a good time.