Thursday, June 03, 2004

This is an email from E about one perverted bastard....who was our priest when we first got married. He will be spending the next 6 years in prison. I only hope the other inmates take care of him:/

"I'll start with the end. He was sentenced to six years incarceration and
three years probation for lewd and lascivious behavior.

The maximum sentence would have been eight years. Only the one count
could be considered in the sentence.

HOWEVER, the judge started by relating his opinion of the case based on
piles of letters he has received representing former victims, and
extensive police reports from Fremont and Pinole. He said his opinion is
that this man should never be paroled, and would always be a danger to
society. The last say about parole is not up to him. The judge was

He let one family member speak for the record. They chose the mother of
the recent victim to talk for them. She is the sister of the woman Steve
married. In a tremendously strong statement she outlined the
devastation to her daughter and to herself, and the deep split in the
family which destroys all possibility of having family gatherings. When
she gave the statement, she was seated to the left of Steve, and he
turned in his chair to look right at her during the statement.

He was brought into the courtroom in his orange jumpsuit and in chains.
He looks the personification of a sex predator.

The couple I drove up with and sat next to from Pinole have a son who was
sexually abused more overtly than this present girl. They cried during
the whole proceedings. They also have had family gatherings interrupted
for decades now because their son cannot forgive them for not protecting
him from Steve.

The law has not begun to address sexual crimes on a realistic level.
Lewd and luscivious behavior is a felony, but now that we know these
predators cannot be rehabilitated, some place should be provided for them
to live out their lives after sentence apart from society. Unless other
inmates manage to kill them, they will be back out, and six years is very

There were psychiatric reports presented that recommended him for parole
on the basis (categorically opposite the truth) that he had one case
thirty years ago, was rehabilitated, and just had this one relapse. They
base this on the two incidents that were taken to court. Not reporting
offenses has drastic consequences in favor of the perpetrator.

Another case that did not get presented was the daughter of Steve's wife.
She has complained to her mother continuously of being groped. Her
mother sided with Steve. This girl had a nervous breakdown last year,
and was not able to file charges along with her cousin, but she has been
of moral support, and was present for the hearing in March and the

Channel 4 covered both events. They helped the truth get out. One of
the sentences in their report was something like this: "Today Mr. Kiesle
was sentenced to six years, even though his history of molestation has
covered the last 30 years."

It was a gruelling experience, most particularly hearing the defense
attorney explain very cogently why Steve merited every consideration of
the court, and would never be a danger to society. I don't know how they
sleep at night."


I am seriously sick of the holier than thou attitude displayed on a certain forum. If you read the certain forum, you will know exactly what I am talking about.
'I am so disappointed in what regular posters are saying' or some such bullshit. Give me a freaking break. I'm with R. I am tired of walking on eggshells because someone might get their panties in a twist. I'd like to tell a whole lot of them to grow the fuck up.


Robin said...

Then lets do it....tell them all to grow the fuck up.
And unlike some people, I will continue to visit there. I'm not going to let them run me off like they have others.

Shelly said...

I won't let them run me off either.

Shall we tell them to grow the fuck up? I say yes;)

Anonymous said...

"I only hope the other inmates will take care of him." I cannot agree with you more. I am one of his victims. I had buried it all away for many years until now. I wish I could write more about my whole experience, but I just don't know where to start. My heart goes out to that daughter. The truth of the matter was that there were MANY cases reported 30 years ago, but they could only get that ONE to stick to him back then. I know because I was there. I know because I know all the others that went to talk with the police.
Thanks for posting your comments about this case. Does anyone know the name of the judge? I would like to send him a thank you for finally putting this bastard away.

Anonymous said...


First of all thank you for your account of the sentancing of Steve Kiesle. I to am a victim from his time in Pinole. From 1970 to 1973 at the ages of 11 to 13. I did not come forward at the time of his original arrest only because I was thankful somebody finally did and my family is still in Pinole even though I had moved away to college and relocated. My parents were friends with Steve's wife and her first husband and the connection was a little to close for me to come forward. My parents still have contact with Gil Rosson a very nice man.

Your account of his sentancing was exactly what I needed to hear. The thought of him shackled brings a feeling of vindication because as most of his victims will tell you or at least the ones he abused long term that to tie us up was one of his many actions. Does anyone know how to reach him by mail?? I think that if I could write to him and if nothing else get a few things off my chest and tell him what I could not at age 11 to 13, would be of great benefit to me and possible other victims.

I know of the family that you speak of that went with you to court. My hope is that Steve B can put his life and heart in a good place now that he knows that this predator is put away. His parents could not have protected him any more than mine could have. That is how predators catch their prey. We were powerless as children and scared out of our minds. He comes from a great family, and I hope all is well for them now.

Again thank you, a huge fog has been lifted from my mind, one i was not even aware of until all of this came into the media spotlight. If you should see Terri, give her a big hug from me. She is a brave young women. I will check back for future postings in hope of a contact address.

Anonymous said...

What certain forum were you referring to that ran some off? Would be interested in knowing the site. Thank you

Shelly said...

I wasn't me who went to was my mother in law. She is a former nun who worked with Steve Kiesle,(while he was in Pinole) and who has been involved in trying to get him put away where he belongs.

I am so sorry for anyone who was abused by that awful man. When my husband and I were first married,he was our priest, and I had a bad feeling about him even then:/