Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I've changed the template again;) I have a feeling I am going to change it more....I can't decide on my favorite.

Summer is definitely was 94 today, and its still warm.....70* at 9:30. I need to dig out some summer dresses......

I picked up another tent for the retreat this weekend. Its 10x8....and the girls can sleep in that one while I use the small one for myself. I still can't believe that the chaperones are supposed to supply all the tents. Luckily this tent was on sale for $44....and it is big enough to stand up in. I think I am going to put it up in the backyard when we're finished with it....I will have it as a 'guest house' or 'retreat' lol. Its a whole hell of a lot cheaper than the tents I saw at Pottery Barn that I wanted for the back yard;) I can put it in the corner among the trees. I have a cool old cot I can put in it(and some old quilts & blankets) along with a chair & a table with a light on it. Add some flowers and a basket for books/magazines, and I will call it good. It will be very Martha Stewart;P

My summer project will be to get this classroom cleaned out, books sorted and boxed, and the small school desk taken out. Its too small for Joseph now anyway, even though it is so cool. Its a vintage school desk...I don't want to get rid of it though, so I will have to think of a place to display it. Joseph can use the other desk next year. I am here at the computer desk anyway.

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