Monday, June 21, 2004

It is good to be least for a few days. Chris really has vacation this week, so we are going camping tomorrow for a few days......up where his pager doesn't work;)

Illinois was fun, even though we only had one car. I got up every morning at 5 to take Chris to work so Joseph & I could use the car. We explored the surrounding towns.....I went antiquing again in Alton, and also went to a great antique mall in Fairview Heights. I ended up with 3 vintage tablecloths and 4 aprons, among other things. I also found another beaded the Goodwill there. Score!!

We went to the movies one night to see Harry Potter. Good flick:) Those kids are growing up. We took a ride one evening up the river road to Grafton. What a cool town!

There is so much history around there. It still amazes me that I saw the place where Lewis & Clark started their journey.....and where Lincoln & Douglas had one of their debates.

Even with all that, the highlight of our trip was seeing Rupert from Survivor! The minor league baseball team had a Survivor night and Rupert was the guest of honor. There were 300 people standing in line to meet him....but damned if I was going to do that. No matter how much I like him, lol. Joseph did manage to sneak around and take a couple of pictures of him though, and he waved at Joseph. Tijuana from Pearl Islands was there too. I guess she lives in St Louis.

The day after that, Joseph & I went into St Louis for the day. We went to the Arch again, and to the museum there. I got some great books for school this fall. The best thing about that day was seeing the Olympic torch relay. We were right in front when the runner went by. Joseph took pictures and I cried;) It was awesome.....again....what history.

One thing I realized......I had forgotten how humid it is in the midwest, lol. The last time I was in the midwest in the summer was when I was 11 years old. I didn't give a shit how my hair looked then;) I finally gave up trying to 'style' it. It was just curly.

We got home late Friday night....then got up early on Saturday to go to the Giants game. That was fun! There were about 20 people from work there. One guy was a Red Sox fan, and we gave him crap through the whole game;) After the game, we came home, then Joseph & I drove up to Placerville to see the guys play at the fair. Chris stayed home to rest. Yesterday I did laundry & caught up with my forum reading.....holy shit, what a story about Chard. (or Chamie) How fucking wierd is that??

We grilled steaks & corn for dinner and I made a Caprese salad. I think Chris had a good, relaxing Fathers day:)

Today has been spent cleaning and repacking for the camping trip.......a few days by the lake will be a good thing:)

I hope everyone has a good week:-)


Pez said...

Ugh on Midwest humidity!

And the Chamie thing is so weird. At least I had an entertaining weekend as the story unfolded! lol

Shelly said...

If my hair was longer,I would have just pulled it into a pony tail;)

The Chamie story is very entertaining, isn't it. I do feel sorry for the kids....and anyone who was hurt by them.

Katie said...

Welcome home! Midwest humidity, yep, it's a bitch. lol I'm glad you had a great time and enjoy your camping trip!

Chris said...

Sounds like a fun time.......have fun camping!