Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Dear Letter to the Editor Writer

Who in response to my letter stating my opinion about Cindy Sheehan, said in part:

"If a person does not have the luxury of having advisors and intelligence analysts and collectors, as the president does, then that person should take time to think critically about how and when to voice opinions"

Get your head out of your ass. Seriously.

I may not have the luxury of 'advisors and intelligence collectors', but I do have a brain. I use said brain. I can think for myself. I also have eyes and ears. I use said eyes (without blinders) and I certainly use my ears. Last time I looked, I was free to voice my opinion any time (as are you)....most especially in a letter to the editor.


Why do you capitalize the word terrorists?

A woman, wife, mother and citizen of the world, who is still offended by this war, and who stands by my opinion.

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Kimmer said...

What an idiot that guy is. Obviously, if you don't have someone to advise you, you won't have anything to say. God forbid you come up with an original thought.