Tuesday, August 16, 2005

In an hour or so, I will be married to a 50 year old. He'll finally be as old as I am again;-)

Right now, I am feeling a bit frustrated with the 'powers that be' at YG. Saturday is the big concert/dinner the youth group is putting on. We had been told that Thursday would be the dress rehearsal. We were told that 2 weeks ago, with continued reminders. That was fine, even though Chris had to change his plans. He was going to take the rest of the week off and he & Joseph were going to go to the redwoods for a father/son campout. They were going to leave today and come back Friday.

Today (this evening actually) we get an email that the rehearsal has been changed to tomorrow evening, and attendance is 'mandatory' WTF? No reason was given either....just that someone changed their mind:/

I'm sorry, but Joseph will just have to be late. His dad's birthday is important...as important as the rehearsal:/

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