Saturday, August 20, 2005

Presenting..St Marys Youth Group

The concert /dinner tonight was a raging success. First...the dinner part. Outback Steakhouse catered for us. All you can eat chicken, steak, rice, marinated mushrooms and salad, plus yummy bread.

The concert was wonderful. I am so proud of every one of the kids (and adults) involved. When Derek's dad John sings I Can Only Imagine, or Breathe, it brings tears to my eyes. Of course, Joseph was incredible. I am so proud of my baby boy. He performed an acoustic instrumental he wrote; he, Derek, Roxana and Matt did "Ball & Chain" by Social Distortion; and when they did Let it Be at the end, he played the guitar solo. They got a standing ovation for Let It Be:-) I am a proud mom. I had lots of people come up to me at the end to compliment him.

The rest of the concert was really good as well. Roxana, along with playing bass on Ball & Chain (she picked up the bass on Wednesday...) sang The Prayer (Celine Dion I think??) and Ave Maria. She is incredible. What talent. She gives me goose bumps. I had to tease her at the end though. "From Ave Maria to punk rock".

Everyone else was also good. Nicole did a ballet to Beauty and the Beast, some of the girls did hula to a song from Lilo and Stitch. We really have a talented bunch:-)

We also made a couple of hundred dollars from the silent auctions of the gift baskets, and did a 50/50 raffle, and made about $150 on that, after splitting it with the winner.

All in all, it was a really good night, and we made a significant amount towards our trip to L.A. next march. Now we won't have to have quite so many early Sunday morning donut sales!

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