Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Happy Birthday You Old Fart

Today is Chris' birthday. We went to Best Buy and got a new camcorder. is so much tinier than the other one we have, and it makes the first one we ever got look like a friggin motion picture camera, lol. I almost crapped when I got the total and wrote out the check for $500 though. Yeah, Happy Birthday Chris:)

We just went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner, because we didn't want Joseph to miss his rehearsal tonight. I felt bad having Chris sit there for his 50th birthday though, so Kathy and I snuck out and got a cake and some champagne (and sparkling cider for the kids)

He said he wasn't surprised...that when I told him I had to go get some stuff for Josephine he knew I was up to something. I think he was surprised though. Heh. I have the hardest time trying to surprise him. He knows me too well:/


Kimmer said...

I think it's sweet that he knows you so well!

Pez said...

Happy birthday to Chris!