Saturday, August 13, 2005

I Need A Nap

It has been a busy couple of weeks here.

First, there was the Seattle/Vancouver trip, which was way too much fun. The boy had a blast. He loved the EMP ( I think he could have spent days there. *Sigh* A boy and his guitar fixation. The Paramount shows were terrific. I got to see Linda and Joanne again. It has been a year since I saw them. We got to hang out with the KSBG crew. What funny people they are. We didn't really go out after getting back from the shows. One night, we all got pizza delivered to S & C's room and we watched Help.

The absolute best thing about the Seattle part of the trip was finally getting to meet Denine and Jojo from the forum. They are both just as sweet, funny and real in person as they are on line. I could definitely be real life friends with both of them:-) Once I gete some pictures developed, I'll post a couple. Denine's boys are all adorable (and have THE most gorgeous eyes ever) and Jojo's daughter is just precious. We met at the Seattle locks, which is a very cool place. Denine and Jojo provided a picnic lunch for all of us (thanks, ladies!) When we left the locks, we all ended up at Archie McPhee......a store that should be illegal, it is so much fun. I won't say how much I spent there........but I really did need the Devil Duckies;-)

We drove up to Vancouver after that. I think Vancouver was having its hottest days of the year. It was in the 80s....perfect weather. The hotel Joseph and I stayed in was small and quaint. It was a block or so from the hotel C and the boys stayed in. I wish I could have afforded that one, but close to $200/night American was a bit steep, especially after the $$$ I had already spent on this trip! Thank goodness Chris is ok with it, and we can afford it.

The shows at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre were good as well. What a beautiful theater! Wow. It was nice seeing the Canadian crew again. What nice guys! I think Canadian men are real gentlemen. We did go out one night there. After aone show, I took Joseph back to our hotel and went to meet C & S, and we then went to a little pub to meet the rest. After a couple of glasses of wine, and a few pints of Kilkenny for the guys, J decided that he was hungry and needed pizza, so off we all went to find pizza.

Joseph and I explored Vancouver during the day. Forget anything historic, or any of the beautiful parks...his favorite place there was Tom Lee Music....all 6 floors. Remember what I said about a boy and his guitar fixation?

We got back last Saturday (Aug. 6)

Sunday I had to serve at Mass, then Joseph had practice afterwards for the upcoming dinner/concert.

Wednesday it was back to Tahoe for a couple of days. I got home late last night, and today we all went to the Oakland A's game. Field Level seats too. Too bad none of us remembered our camera:/ Today the As retired Dennis Eckersley's number, so there was a presentation and speeches before the game. It was very cool...something we will always remember. We had to leave before the end of the game though. Joseph had practice again tonight.

This next week is going to be busy as well. More practices, guitar lessons, mass, and Chris' 50th birthday is on Wednesday. Plus, I have to make 2 gift baskets for a raffle at next Saturday's concert, and get the house (which is a pit right now) cleaned for a visit from the inlaws.

See why I need a nap?


Pez said...

Sounds like you and Joseph had a great trip to Vancouver and fun overall. It was so wonderful to meet you. You are so warm and friendly. I know we would definitely be RL friends - and we are now since we have met IRL. And Joseph is terrific! You are such a great mom!

Shelly said...

I feel the same about you. I am so glad we have finally met, and are RL friends:-)