Thursday, August 18, 2005

Will I ever.....

Reach the bottom of my laundry hamper? I seriously doubt it:/ Where does it all come from? I swear Joseph puts clean clothes back in the hamper rather than put them away >:/

I got the stuff from Bath & Body Works for the other basket I have to put together for Saturday. They are having a buy 3 get one free sale so I got myself a sweet pea body spray. I got Vanilla Sugar as the scent for the bath basket. Body wash, bubble bath, body lotion and hand soap, along with a bath puff and a rubber duckie. I hope these baskets make some money for the YG. I hope lots of people buy raffle tickets.

I found out tonight that besides the basket raffle, I am also in charge of the 50/50 raffle....the winning ticket gets half of what is collected. I am so glad I was informed of this 2 days before the event. / end sarcasm

I will be so glad when Saturday night is over.

I hope it will be a success.

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