Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Chris called this afternoon and said it is cold back there! Poor guy. He said the chill cuts right through you. I just had to tell him it was 80 degrees here today......we're having a warm spell. Yep, I am a bitch, LOL. I hope the weather is warmer by the time Joseph and I get out there.

The kids got list of Confirmation rules tonight. They have to go to confession the Saturday before. If Chris is home that weekend, I don't know if Joseph will be going or not. It depends on what his Dad wants to do. I hardly think Karla would NOT let a kid be confirmed if they miss that day. I know of a couple of other kids who will definitely miss it. They have rehearsal the night before Confirmation.....the sponsor is *supposed* to attend, but there is no way Eleanor will be able to come up the night before. *Sigh* Now I have to tell Karla that. I know she'll be pissed, but I really don't care. Since her husband left her, she is even more over the top than she was before.

I got the bathrooms scrubbed today, and threw out a bunch of junk from both cabinets. I also got started on the kitchen......I have to scrub the cupboards and pantry. Oh what fun;/

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