Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Yesterday I had such ambitious plans.......I was going to get SO much done. Then Sheri called & wanted us to go up and visit. Joseph finished his work earlier than usual, so we went up to Sacramento and spent the afternoon at Sheri's. Well, actually, the mall. I was really good though. The only thing I bought was at Yankee Candle, and it was on sale. Besides buying lunch, I spent less than ten dollars :D

Joseph and I left her house about 5:30......and there was a huge traffic jam on the Yolo Causeway. Traffic was totally stopped....and I had less than 1/4 tank of gas. (Dumb sh*t me forgot to gas up before we left Sac) Luckily I made it to the last offramp before the bridge, and got some gas ($2.19 for REGULAR....I almost crapped....but I had to get it:/) We decided to go into Eppies and eat, since traffic was at a standstill. After waiting 20 minutes without anyone coming to take our order, we gave up and left. Traffic was moving by then, so we went to In N Out in Davis and had burgers. Gawd, I love In N Out burgers....and fries.

Today was grocery shopping. With only the two of us here, I thought I might get by a lot cheaper. Hardly. I still spent $90. I took the boy to get a haircut after he finished his school work. The curls are intact though. He would have to shave his head to get rid of them. Luckily he doesn't want to do that. He is realising that the girls like curly hair.

Tonight was Confirmation class. Only 2 more classes, then the kids hit the big time;) I am really glad its almost over. Karla wants me to teach again next fall, but I told her if I do, I want the little kids. NO more sacraments. I don't want to do First Communion either. I want either K or first grade....or maybe 3rd. She also wants me to do Vacation Bible School again this summer. *Sigh* I guess if we are home, I'll do it. It *was* fun. I liked being the craft lady;-)

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