Saturday, March 13, 2004

I was going to clean today. Notice I said *was going to*. Other than loading the dishwasher and cleaning the bathroom....nada. Joseph and I drove up to Sacramento to go to the new Kohls. I keep hearing about the place, and figured I should check it out. Its like Mervyns, I think. If they build one here, I'll go, but it really wasn't worth the drive. I guess if I am up there anyway, I'll go in but otherwise.....

I did get Joseph's black pants and red tie for Confirmation. All we need now is the white shirt. And shoes. He can't wear Vans for Confirmation;) Since I had a shopping bug, we decided to go to the Folsom outlets to see if they have any different stores than the outlets here do. They have Pac Sun and Zumiez......neither of which are here, and both of which Joseph loves. He found a Bam shirt he's been wanting. (Its some skateboarder) I wasn't impressed with Zumiez' prices at all. They were no cheaper than the mall. I *really* want a "Jesus is my homeboy" shirt, but won't spend $22 on a tee shirt....especially at an *outlet* :/

The boy needs a haircut. His hair is so curly, and its beginning to look like Ethan's, LOL (Survivor Ethan) Looks like we'll be heading to the salon this week for him. As for me.....I seriously need to get some color.....the grey roots are REALLY showing. I still can't decide whether to let my hair grow a little, or get it cut again. I've worn it short, short for years, and am ready for a change....but I don't know what kind of change;) Decisions, decisions.

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