Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Went to IKEA and picked up the new Roman shades for the family room windows and the patio door. I got the one for the door put up, but will have to wait til tomorrow to get the other ones up. I was really good at IKEA, too. I only spent about $40, which is good for me there. I ALWAYS find too much stuff;)

I took Joseph to Mervyns to get a couple of pair of shorts. Thank goodness for the one day sale, LOL. I would NOT pay $28 each for shorts, but $11.99 is doable. I miss the days when I could get him a whole summers worth of shorts for $30. *Sigh*

Chris said he is going to Mikey's aunt's house for pot roast tomorrow. I guess Mikes dad drove up from Arkansas and is pissed that Chris hasn't gone out to dinner with them. I told him do NOT pass up a chance for home cooking while he's there. Its a lot better than eating in resturaunts every night.

Announcement: I hate panic attacks. I really do:/

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