Thursday, February 09, 2006

32 years?!?!

I will have to change my profile again.

32 years ago today, two kids, fresh out of high school, took off in a rented Pinto (they weren't even old enough to rent the car. Uncle Jack had to rent it) Along for the ride were their 2 best friends. They drove to Reno, where their rental had a flat tire right in front of the county clerk's office. The 2 kids went inside to get their marriage license while the best man changed the tire.

After that was done, they went to their hotel, only to find out their room wouldn't be ready until after 3. After 3??? The wedding was at 3! So, the bride to be got her dress on and makeup & hair fixed in the bathroom at a local gas station. The groom and his best man changed in the men's room.

Finally, they all arrived at St Thomas Aquinas Cathedral, where the priest was waiting to marry them. The wedding went off without a hitch (Good thing, since the hitches had all happened before the ceremony) After the ceremony, the newly married couple and their maid of honor and best man all went to the hotel, where they had a nice dinner. When the married couple went to their room, the husband ordered champagne from room service. The bride hid in the bathroom because she was afraid they would check ID's;-)

Who is this woman who has been married for thirty two years? It surely can't be me. I am nowhere near old enough to have been married this long. When I think of 32 years...oh my God, that is such a long time. It amazes me.

And they said it wouldn't last;-)

We went out to a wonderful dinner. It was so nice. We haven't had a date in years.
(And my crab fettucine was to die for)


themissfish said...

Happy Anniversary! We always say the same thing - 10 years and they said it wouldn't last.

Of course, we were saying that the day after the honeymoon.

I'm in awe of people who make it work so well for so long. You're my new role model.

On a Plane to E-ville said...

Happy Anniversary!

Kinda close to my birthday, which is neat, because I just turned 32.

My mother gave birth to me just a couple months after she turned 20.

I know people thought that because of our ages, DH and I may not last. Heh. I was 18 and he was 22, and here we are -- it will be 14 years in July. Gah!

I often say to myself, "Fourteen years! Is that possible? Where did it go?"

The Vichy said...

Happy anniversary! You're my inspiration. DH and I will have been married 16 years this October - so we're halfway there. ;)

Shelly said...

It is nice to be an inspiration to someone, lol.

>>I'm in awe of people who make it work so well for so long.<<

We're both too stubborn to quit. I think that is a big part of it sometimes;-)