Sunday, February 12, 2006

The choir sounds particularly good at Mass this evening. I am so glad the kids have responded so well. With Joseph, John and Derek playing guitar and Jerry at the piano, it really sounds good:-) They did Amazing Grace. I can't make it throught that song without crying.

Joseph sang at Youth Group today too. Josephine and I were talking about how far he has come in the past couple of years. When he first joined, he was actually quiet (and Joseph is not a quiet child, LOL) Now, he's stepped up as a leader and he sings. Must be the power of the Holy Spirit;-)


The Vichy said...

I miss choir. My daughter Pey has a beautiful voice, but while she's Madonna at home, she becomes very shy in public. I got my start singing in church, and I wish she would, too. (Guess I wasn't quite that shy in public, lol.)

Anyway, rambling on! ;) Congrats to Joseph. Have you videotaped any of his performances yet?

Shelly said...

I videoed their concert in August. I keep forgetting the camera whan he sings at youth group;-)