Wednesday, February 01, 2006

For those who have been waiting with baited breath for a blog update from me, here it is. I've been bad about blogging the past couple of weeks. Sorry:)

Let's see, what has been going on...

Well, I went to Philly for Casey's birthday. The weather cooperated too. It was beautiful while I was there. The hotel was beautiful. Unfortunately, I didn't get in much sightseeing. Steve and Casey sleep really late. I mean really late;) I could have walked to the Liberty Bell I suppose, but didn't feel comfortable walking that far alone.

I did get to walk around downtown some. I went to the Wanamaker Building which was very cool. There is a Lord & Taylor there now.

I love the architecture in Philadelphia. What history there is in that area. I wish I had seen more. One day Steve took Casey and me to King of Prussia to go shopping. On the way, we drove past Valley Forge. Valley Forge! I hope I get to go back there again, and take Joseph and maybe Chris along. They are both history buffs too, and would enjoy it.

Other than the trip, it has been, well, January. I'm getting some cupboards cleaned out, and beginning some 'winter cleaning'. One of my resolutions this year is to get organised, and I am trying, I really am.

I'm getting the stuff together to get the taxes done. I'm just waiting on a few more things, and I have to call the rectory for the amount we donated to the church last year.

Chris will be home tomorrow. He has been gone since Monday on a trip to Lake Charles, La. He was telling me about how much damage is still apparent from the hurricane:( The hotel he was supposed to stay in (Holiday Inn in Lake Charles) didn't have their rooms available, even though they were guaranteed. I guess they are still full of hurricane victims. Luckily they were double booked, and stayed across town.

He's back in Houston tonight, and flies back home tomorrow. He may have to go back to Houston in March for a few days. If he does, Joseph and I will go with him. Maybe I can meet some friends there:)


Pez said...

Thanks for the update, Shelly. I am sorry that you did not get to see as much in Philadelphia as you wanted to. Hopefully you will get back there sometime.

Inspired said...

I envy your latest historical sightings. Sigh. One day, we'll take the travel trailer that way.

And if Katie stays where she is, we will have a tour guide when, some damn day, we go to Washington D.C.

I'm So Evil, So Veddy, Veddy Evil

The Vichy said...

Seriously, if you come back to town, let me know!