Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Doing The Right Thing

I am proud of Joseph. Sunday, he told the youth minister that since Bridgett can't come to yg anymore (she was a leader) that he wanted to step up and be a youth group leader. Josephine was thrilled, and told both Joseph and me so. I am proud of him stepping up. Of course, this means more time and work but it's ok.

Today we did the trust walk with the 6th graders. (They pair off, one is blindfolded and their partner leads them around) It seemed to work well (except for the class clown and his sidekick. I finally had R take off his blindfold. Those two definitely test my patience.) No one fell down or ran into any walls during the trust walk, so it was a success;)


The Vichy said...

Ah yes, the Trust Walk. I remember that. :)

WTG Joseph! You must be so proud, mom.

Pez said...

You have a great kid there, Shelly. :)