Thursday, February 02, 2006

It is a good thing Chris called me when they landed. A very good thing.

I wrote down his arrival time....on the calendar, in my planner and on the chalkboard. 11:35 a.m. Why then, did my mind decide he was getting in at 1:35 PM? I have no idea. When he called me at noon and told me they were just at the gate, I first thought they were delayed in taking off. "No", he said, "we just got here." "Here? You mean Sacramento??? You're early!"

No, dumb ass. They weren't early.
Thank goodness the airport is only about 40-45 minutes from here. He and Jeff only had to stand outside for a few minutes. He didn't even make a joke about me having blonde roots instead of grey;-)

We are a family of collectors. Whenever one of us travels, we get a shot glass (for Chris) and a tee shirt (for Joseph and/or me) from what city/state/country we travel to. Chris was going to bring home a tee shirt from Houston, but the only ones he could find said 'don't mess with Texas' Uh, no thanks;-) (No offense to my Texan friends) He did manage to find a shot glass that just said Houston on it. No worries though. If he goes back in March, and Joseph and I go along, I will find a tee shirt. One that doesn't say don't mess with Texas, have a humongous star on it, or *shudder* a picture of GWB;-)


E-ville said...

Well, I want all of those T-shirts. ;- D

You are really a closet Georgie lover. You think he's hawt, I know you do. Heh.

themissfish said...

You DO know that the Don't Mess With Texas campaign is about Litter, don't you? I mean, all that other stuff is hijacked from the original campaign which is 20 years old.

Just sayin'. ; )

Pez said...

I would not want a Don't Mess with Texas t-shirt either, Shelly. And to Miss Fish's comment - What kind of place is Texas if you have to remind yourselves not to litter? I'm just sayin'. ;)

Shelly said...

miss evil...I think I just threw up a little;-)

fishie~ I didn't know that!

pez~ LOL. I know we think alike;-)

Add a Little Evil to Your Day said...

Oh, Shelly, just stop. Stop with all your mini vomit drama, already. Give in. Give in to the lust you feel. You protest too much, you know. It's so apparent. Give iiiiin. Yeeees.

I know you want to plaster George's face across your bosom. You freak-a-deak, you.

Shelly said...


themissfish said...

Pez, people really DID need reminding! Remember the crying Indian campaign of the 70s? I guess people here thought that was funny or something - I don't know. But the campaign was started in (I guess) an attempt to appeal to a less, um, ah, compassionate brand of Texan.

Pez said...

MissFish - there are uncompassionate people in Texas? No! ;)

The Vichy said...

What Fishie said. Texas is a big state consisting of about a zillion people. And most of us have some ... er, less than desirable and less-than-neat people ... in our family trees. The "trash" part is no coincidence. Ugh.

That said, however, there are some FANTASTIC - and clean! - places in this great state (most are, in fact). And by the way, if you do come to Houston without letting me know, I'll not be happy with you! ;)