Thursday, February 23, 2006

Blah Blah Blah

I'm in a funk. I don't know why...winter blues, I guess. I am feeling old, frumpy and unattractive, not to mention unappreciated.

The boys are playing tomorrow night and I still haven't decided whether I am going to see them. More than likely I will go. Chris said I should. *Sigh* I hate feeling like this. I don't know how people who really suffer from depression do it. I am awful just when I have the blues:/ I need to snap out of it.

The Eucharistic Ministers had a big meeting with Fr Mike a couple of weeks ago to go over his 'rules'. They actually aren't as bad as I thought. I think a lot of his bitchiness lately has to do with his bad back. I am sad that we have lost 3 EMs lately though:( Tony had to quit because of his migraines...and Andy was driven out I think....just because Cindy S. is his mom and Fr Mike doesn't like her. Freaking politics in church:(
Derek showed up at CCD on Tuesday to see Joseph (he comes every week and the two boys hang out....and sometimes help me) He had eyeliner on, A la Green Day;-) I got a giggle though. He went and washed it off before Kathy came to pick him up;-)


Pez said...

You are not old. You are not frumpy and you definitely are not unattractive! I hope you snap out of your funk soon, Shelly. {{hugs}}

Politics in church would piss me off too, Shelly. Sorry that Andy was driven out. :(

The Vichy said...

I think blahness is a February thing. Well, not exclusively February, but close.

I'm with Pez - there's no frumpiness, oldness, nor unattractiveness in you. We all feel that way sometimes, but rest assured that in your case, it's definitely not true.

Shelly said...

Thanks girls:)