Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Weather or Not

I'm so glad I didn't buy all those flowers for the pots in the front.

We have been having the best weather. It has been in the 70s for the past February. Chris was getting ready to till the garden and get it prepared, and I had about $100 worth of plants picked out to put in the flower pots and the half whiskey barrel. I was almost fooled. Almost.

It barely reached 50 degrees here today. That is a 20+ degree drop from yesterday. And we have a frost warning for tonight. If I had bought all those pretty flowers and planted them, I may have lost them. I would not have been a happy camper then.

Stinking weather. What a tease. I know what the calendar said, but it felt like April :(


I just have to be patient. It will be warm enough soon, and I can get those flowers planted.

I have an urge to dig;-)


Pez said...

We had April weather the other day too but tonight it is to drop into the teens with highs tomorrow in the low 30's. What is with this winter weather in the winter?! ;)

Shelly said...

LOL, I am ready for spring!