Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Olympic Valentine's Day

So, did you watch the Olympics last night? Did you see the Chinese pairs skater fall? Ouch! It looked so painful! I was so very impressed that she was able to continue skating, and then for them to win the silver medal was so cool. Wow.

I really need TiVo or a dvr from the cable company. I have to switch the tv back and forth so I don't miss any of the 'good' Olympic stuff I want to watch. Of course I missed some good stuff last night, but hey, it was Monday. I can't miss 24 ;-)

I woke up this morning to a box of See's candy and a small box from the jewelry store. Imagine my surprise. I expected the candy. Hell, he knows there had better be a box of See's. He definitely got me with the jewelry though. I got a heart shaped pendant with rubies in it & small ruby studs for my ears. Then, when he came home from work, he stopped & got me roses from the florist. Not Safeway;-)

We went to Chevy's for dinner. Yum...margaritas. **Warning** If you go to Chevy's and want the crab & shrimp quesedilla, please heed the description. Especially the part that reads: habanero sauce. Habanero sauce is hot. Very hot:/ Luckily we had nachos for an appetizer, so I finished those. The freaking 'dilla was too hot for me to eat :*(

I think the old man deserves a gold medal for this Valentine's Day;-)

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's :-)

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Evil said...

I think after 32 years, a nice V-day is in order. :-)

I love to read about your outings and live vicariously through you.