Monday, February 27, 2006

Rainy Day and Monday

Holy Gucamole! It has been pouring rain all day. Last time I checked, we've received almost 2 inches since midnight, and it's not even 2 in the afternoon. They are worried here about some parts of the city that got flooded New year's Eve. I guess they have been passing out sandbags.

I did manage to get to Michael's during a break in the rain to get some foam crosses for the CCD class to decorate tomorrow. I also picked up a few other things. I can't go to Michael's and get just one thing. I think it is physically impossible;-)

One thing about it being so wet...I am definitely getting some cleaning done. And I hate. to. clean. house. Really.

I wish I had a maid;-)


Evil said...

I wish I had a chef. I wish someone would grill me steaks and make me some chicken marsala at my whim.

I was looking at some house plans, today, and I saw some that labled a pantry area as the "Butler's Pantry."

I was silently amused and thought that if I build a home using these plans, I could tell people, "Mmmm-yezzz, I have a Butlah's Pahntray, but no butlah as ahv yet."

Ah, maybe someday when I'm rich and famous. Heh.

The Vichy said...

I love rainy days, but when a downpour turns into Niagara Falls, it's more worrisome than fun. I'd be cleaning house, too, just to keep myself busy!

Pez said...

Hey! You've got our weather! ;)

I hope the rain has ceased and that there was no flooding.

I am working up the courage to decide if I should add cutting out Michael's to list of things I am giving up for Lent.