Sunday, December 07, 2003

Birthday's is the Disneyland trip. Both were fun.....Disneyland more so than the birthday. I can't believe I'm this freaking old. Going to Disneyland on your birthday is a hoot. When I went through the turnstile and they scanned my passport, it read *happy birthday Shelly* I was given a badge (sticker) to wear that said happy all the workers wished me a happy birthday all day. I admit it, I'm a sap, and I basked in it:) I cry at everything though......the fireworks every night.....the *snow* fall....even the Abe Lincoln thing.
I wasn't supposed to get anything from Chris and Joseph (the trip was my gift) but they gave me 'Let It Be Naked' sounds great. Eleanor and Roy gave me an aromatherapy set. I know I will get use from that. Not that there is any stress in my life. Ha ha ha

Speaking of stress......we heard nothing from Kezia before we left...and still got no answer when we called. I felt horrible not being able to take Kaya with us, especially since she was SO looking forward to the trip. I didn't enjoy myself like I normally would, because I worried about Kaya the whole time. What kind of a mother would do that to their child just to be spiteful? Kezia is an evil crazy bitch. I hope she gets exactly what she deserves. I would gladly dance on her grave....and that is not an easy thing for me to say. I teach Joseph not to hate, but hatred is exactly what I feel for Kezia. Ok, I am a hypocrtite. That was probably spelled wrong, but oh well;)

Greg is out from Boston....we went to Sue's for dinner tonight . I laughed so much. Its so nice to be around people with the same sense of humor as I have. There were a lot of older brother/sister/ younger sister jokes. I wish he ilved out here so I could see him more often.
Sue told me she has Christmas gifts for Peanut...whether or not her f*cking mother brings her back to us before Chrsitmas.

Tomorrow I am paying off 2 credit cards.....YIPPEE!!! I wish they were all paid off........

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