Thursday, December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas! I am beat;-)

Yesterday I did the cookie baking.....9 dozen cookies. I also made the kringle krunch which turned out really well if i do say do myself. We went to the family mass at 4, instead of waiting til Midnight.

Joseph was up at a little after 6 this morning....but he let Chris and I sleep in til 7. He was strumming the guitar when I woke up, then he came in to wish me Merry Christmas. He was freakin thrilled with that guitar! Chris made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and after a cup of coffee, we commenced with the gift opening.

Everyine liked their gifts. Joseph made out like a bandit (again). He really liked the skateboard and the Concert For George DVD. He took his new camera up to Sheri's and took a boatload of pictures.

Chris was happy with his new tools. I'll never figure men them any kind of tool and they are as happy as a lark.

I was surprised to get the Anthology DVD set. I am happy I got it though. I am going to have some serious telly watching to do here. I got some new baby blue sweats and some flannel jammies. I love flannel. *Sigh* It is so comfy and warm. The Oscar perfume I got is one of my favorites too. We listened to Sheryl Crow on the way up to Sacramento, and Joseph's Bare Naked Ladies cd on the way home.

It was nice to see everyone at Sheri's. Dinner was wonderful as usual. She is a mini Martha Stewart, I swear! Alan and Kate came up, and Al tought Joe some chords on the guitar. Chris was thrilled....Al found some old pictures of Chris' mom and dad.....when they were newly married. She was so beautiful. I wish I could have met her. His dad looks just like Steve.....or Steve looks just like their dad.

ANyway, it was a really nice day....a long tiring day, but nice.
I hope everyone reading had a wonderful day as well:)

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