Tuesday, December 23, 2003

I finally got all the wrapping finished! I was beginning to wonder whether I would have it done in time for Christmas, LOL. I've got the stocking stuufers all together and ready to go tomorrow night as well.

We went down to Sue's & exchanged gifts with them. Morgan and Tyler were there. I guess they're babysitting them during Christmas break. Morgan is a crack up. She treats Joseph just like a big brother....and he treats her like a bratty sister;) Tyler is so quiet. He barely came down to say hi before he was back up on the computer. Its hard to believe they are brother and sister....they're as different as night and day. Sue gave us gifts for Kaya too.....I wish I could give them to her for Christmas:(

Traffic was hell. I am so glad we're not going anywhere tomorrow, except for Mass.

I got all the chili fixins for tomorrow.....it will be the traditional family Christmas Eve chili. Joseph is going to make cornbread to eat with it.

I also got the cake mix for his birthday on Saturday. I can NOT believe my baby boy is going to be 13. I found some birthday wrapping paper tonight, and a card. Do you know how hard it is to find a birthday card at Christmastime?

Cookie baking in the morning......guess I should go to bed early;)

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