Saturday, December 20, 2003

I've been slacking on this blog. I have good intentions....but have been sidetracked. I will try and do better, I promise;)

I got my hair cut on Wednesday and colored it Thursday. I washed that grey right out, as they say. I would be really grey if I let it go. Not ready for that anytime soon! I take after my mom on that count...she went grey in her late 30s!

I got my glasses today! I was totally surpised....I just ordered them on Wednesday. I guess it was a slow week in the spec making business. I think they are pretty cool.....Chris calls them Bonnie glasses, cause they are similar to the ones Bonnie Hunt wears on her show. They're a cross between hers and that reporter, Ashleigh Banfield. Anyway, its nice to see again ;P
Vanity is a stupid thing. I've needed glasses for years but didn't want to wear them. Now I don't care! It will be interesting to see the guys play now that I can really SEE the stage, LOL.

Chris had to have more laser done on his eye on was the heavy laser, and he had a headache all day Friday, so he left work early. Now he's on vacation for a week....god help me.

I am still not finished Christmas shopping! I went today and finished Sue & Walts and Roy & Eleanor's gifts. There are just a couple of things I need to get. Chris and Joseph wrapped some of my gifts while I was gone.

I got some laundry done today too.....LORD I do a lot of laundry. Chris and Joseph actually folded a load while I was gone Wonder what got into them. That never happens.

We're going up to Sonora tomorrow for the day. There are train rides at the Railroad Museum in Jamestown....Booboo really wants to go on a ride, so we'll do that. I'm going to try and get the rest of my shopping done too. Keep your fingers crossed;)

Thats it for now:-)

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