Monday, December 01, 2003

I can't believe its already December. Only 2 more days til my birthday......I think I'll be going backwards in age now;-)

We went to San Francisco today. It was very rainy.....I really feel for the homeless on days like this. At least *I* can go into Macys or Nordstroms....*they* are out in the weather. Dropping some change into their cups doesn't feel like I'm doing much. *shrug*

We had lunch at Rubios.....they have the best fish tacos! I didn't get any gift buying done....Chris and Joseph bought something at the Disney store. I think it is the flannel nightshirt I was looking at....with Tink on the front:) I did get my new ornament at Nieman Marcus. Its a white owl....its supposed to bring wisdom into the house. LOL....we'll see;) I got it because Joe loves snowy owls.

I bought something for myself at Old Navy too....a tee shirt and a Christmas apron. I'm so bad, LOL. I told Chris its my birthday present.....along with the Disneyland trip;)

We got home and I made a big wok full of fried rice with the leftover pork tenderloin from last night. It was yummy.

Now, I have a freaking sinus headache. Ugh. I think I may got to bed early tonight. Sleep is usually the only way to get rid of these damn things:(

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