Sunday, December 14, 2003

Sunday, Sunday.

Watched the Niner game this morning. They lost to the Bengals:/ I do miss the days of Joe Montana;)

We went down and spent the afternoon at Sue's house. The whole family was there...Greg flies home to Boston tomorrow. Its a trip to be around Sue and Greg....I revert to being the baby sister. All the 'boys' were there. Funny to call them boys.....David is in his early 30s now, LOL. Its nice to be with them all. Joseph has a blast with Morgan, Tyler and Isabella.

We came home (stopped for a bucket 'o chicken...didn't feel like cooking tonight) and I baked 2 chocolate chip pies for Chris to take to work tomorrow. I have to make 3 more this week. I should make an we can have one.

Tonight was quiet.....we watched the Survivor finale after dinner. I was glad Sandra won. The reunion show was one of the better ones I think.

Now its bedtime. For not doing much today, I am definitely ready to crawl into warm flannel sheets:)

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