Tuesday, December 16, 2003

It has been a day.

I made 2 dozen cookies and some fudge for class tonight.

I was going to go order my new specs but I couldn't find the damn prescription. I guess I need the glasses more than I thought, LOL. I looked everywhere and couldn't find it at all. I finally gave up and called for a replacement copy.....and five minutes later found the damn prescription. By that time it was too late to go order them...I had too much to do.

I ran to Staples to make copies for tonight, then forgot to take them. I got Karla a small gift of aromatherapy crap. She is having a hard time. I can't imagine what she is going through....being dumped for a young girl after 26 years of marriage:/ Greg needs his ass kicked. He doesn't realize what he has given up.

I made some gnocchi for dinner, along with a salad and baguette. It was fast and easy.

Class was ok. I swear, some of those kids are wild. I had a time getting them to calm down. Luckily (or not) we didn't do a lot tonight....I had them read a chapter about sacraments, then we had a Christmas party. They may be in junior high, but they are still kids, LOL. They sang and made ornaments. Now I have 3 weeks off before my next class. YIPPEE!! This is my last year teaching a sacrament class. If Karla wants me next year, it will have to be kindergarten or first grade. Nice and easy....cut and paste;-)

The Gomez triplets brought me cookies and a new ornament.

After class, I came home and made 2 more pies for Chris to take to work tomorrow. Thursday night I make 2 more.

I am so ready for jammies now;-)

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