Monday, December 29, 2003

Finally, a chance to relax.

It has been a cold, windy, rainy day. It would have been a perfect day to sit on the couch with a throw and a good book. Unfortunately, the house is a pit, so I spent all day cleaning. Both bathrooms got a good scrubbing, the family room got cleaned and the kitchen done.

Tomorrow I am going to work in the bedroom if we don't go anywhere....I got the guest room/Kaya's room done yesterday.

Saturday was Joseph's birthday. I am having a really hard time with the fact that my baby is 13. I don't know why, but it hit me hard:(

He loves the Gamecube he got.

We went to Roy & Eleanors on Friday for Christmas and Joseph's birthday. I am concerned about Roy. He isn't bouncing back from the pneumonia. He is still weak....and I don't think he should be driving. Eleanor hasn't the balls to tell him either. He took us out to see Christmas lights, and I was a freaking wreck with him driving.

Saturday morning, Eleanor didn't even get up. She was up all night coughing. She needs to take care of herself. Roy runs her ragged......I know we should go down more often, but I won't be guilted into it. There is enough going on around here. Steve offered them a house in Talent, but they don't want to leave Santa matter that it would be easier for them to live there.

We spent a few hours poking around bookstores in Santa Cruz(and the music store)....since it was Boo's birthday, he got to choose what we did. We picked up a complete Beatles song book for his guitar. Chris didn't buy it....instead they came back to the thrift shop I was at and told me about it. WHY didn't he just buy the damn thing? Joseph wanted it a lot. I had to go in and get it myself.

Dinner Saturday was pizza.....Joseph's favorite. I didn't complain any....I didn't have to cook;) I made a chocolate cake though:)

Chris worked today, but is off the rest of the use the remaining days of vacation. I think we are going to the Academy of Science tomorrow if it isn't storming....they close Wednesday to be rebuilt, and its free!

Almost time for the Malcolm marathon......must see tv;-)

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