Thursday, December 11, 2003

More Christmas Wish today. We did 4 hours, and seemed to get a lot done. I think we bagged up gifts for about 100 kids during that time. They sent me to the skating center for free passes that were being donated. I only got 4. I think it pissed some of the ladies off. Teresa called them back and bitched them out for only giving 4 passes. She has more balls than I do. I would have been happy with what I got.

Some of those ladies are really on the edge. Kelly told me it gets intense and to not worry if someone gets snippy. Sorry, but rudness doesn't cut it. Either be thankful for the help and donation, or screw you. Some spirit, huh? I get tired of the bullshit though.

Chris, darling husband that he is....calls me at 3:30 before he leaves work and asks me if I realize that Charlie will be on vacation next week...and Chris the week after. Why should I care? Because I haven't got Charlie and Betty's gift yet.....and he needs to take it in tomorrow. OH!! No problem! I will just run to the 3 or 4 different shops ineed to go to find the 'perfect' gift. As soon as I finish everything I need to do here......laundry, dinner preparations, checking Joseph's math and checking on the progress of the book he's writing.

Its off to Ross, Marshalls and Bed Bath & Beyond. I found Charlie & Betty a great vodka serving thing.....6 glasses and an ice bucket. Then I went to Albertsons and got a bottle of Blue Sapphire to go with. (I'd like a bottle myself, lol) Wrapped in a beautiful package with a festive bow....and voila! Shelly saves the holiday (again)

Tonight was Survivor taco night......and goodbye to Burton (YAY) I was hoping it would be Jonny asshole.......he just makes my skin crawl. I admit it....I am Survivor obsessed.

Got an email from Roberta....they got the Rascal cd Peaceful World we sent. They like it. They will be camping on the Oregon coast this weekend in a yurt. I want to do that someday.....

Tomorrow is Friday! Yippee:-)

And so it goes.......

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