Wednesday, January 07, 2004

BAD blogger;-)

Here's an update:

Friday ~ I got the trees undecorated and all the living room and family room decorations down and boxed. I took the Christmas tablecloth off the dining room table and found a cute blue winter looking one to put on.

When I started to make dinner that night, I noticed the burners wouldn't heat on the stove.....Chris fiddled around with it. The stove is officially we had to go buy a new one. I was pissed about having to spend much money right after Christmas! We went to look at Lowes. Eureka! They had one on clearance.....$215. I was stoked. It was just what I wanted, accessory wise. Its self cleaning, has 2 big/2 small burners, and storage. Chris asked the salesman if there were any in stock. NOPE....just the floor model, but he would talk to the mgr and see if we could get a discount on it because it didn't have a box. We got another $50 off the price, and the kid threw in the cord for us. We got out of there paying $177 including tax for a brand new stove. Yay us;)

Saturday~ Chris got the outside lights down and decorations put away.

We decided we needed a break (and the weather was beautiful) so we went to Petaluma to poke around the antique shops and thrift stores. We ran into Laura and Isabella in one of the shops. Joseph bought a ukelele at Jungle Vibes.

Sunday ~ We were going to just veg & read the Sunday paper. Joseph wanted to go to youth group. We got an e mail from E saying that R was in the hospital again, and needed a pacemaker. Chris decided we should go down to be with her, because she freaks so easily, so after we picked Joseph up from youth group, we headed down to SC. I wanted to get a motel room we stayed at the Ramada.

Monday~ We spent most of the day at the hospital. We took Joseph's books, so he did his classwork in the waiting room. The pacemaker was supposed to be installed at 10:30.....the doc called in sick (he had to have his gallbladder removed) so it was postponed til 3:30. E went home for a nap, and we went shopping. Got back to the hospital and the procedure was postponed again.....finally they started, but had to stop. R had a seizure when they started to put him under. I guess it scared the shit out of the docs. Anyway, they decided to postpone again, they said for probably a couple of days. They ran a bunch of tests to make sure he didn't have another stroke. We came home late Monday night.

Tuesday~ Chris went in to work late (about 7:30 as opposed to leaving before 6 a.m.) Joseph got his schoolwork done quickly....and started practicing guitar. I laugh at him......he loves science but hates math.

I got most of the bills paid yesterday that needed to be. Today I will send out the rest.

I've got a big pot of beans simmering on the stove. I added the ham bone from the New Years smells so good. It will be low fat too......just the beans and a salad. I'll make some sour dough bread to go with too.

I'm off to go get a bottle of water......

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