Saturday, January 31, 2004

Today was a gloriusly beautiful day.....perfect for a trip to the ocean. Too bad we didn't go to the ocean;-) Chris wanted to go out for breakfast this morning....he got no argument from me. I think breakfast out is almost as nice as dinner out. I love to have the server refill my coffee......

I still didn't get the coffee pot we wanted, but I will keep looking for the right one. I did go back to Target though.....I ended up with a new sweater, and a few tee shirts. 75% off sales rock. We went to the factory outlets in the afternoon.....Joseph found a pair of Vans for 19.99. The boy wears a size 10 now! Holy guacamole.....his dad only wears a 9. Deal of the day though, was at the Guess outlet. They had mens polo shirts for FIVE dollars! I bought 4 for Chris. They will be great for work. I do so love a deal:)

I am tired tonight......I think I'll go to bed early.

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