Sunday, January 25, 2004

Hmmm...shall I critique the Golden Globes? I didn't see all of it, so I can't comment on a lot. Sharon Stone's hair looked like mine does when I wake up in the morning. I wonder how much she pays for THAT hairdo.;) Nicole Kidman's dress was pretty, but it lacked something.....she needed more color. Renee Zellwieger (I know I butchered that spelling) looks good. Its nice to see someone who doesn't look anorexic. I just caught a glimpse of the Will & Grace cast....but they all looked good as far as I could see.

Friday night was pizza and beer. It is nice not to worry about what I eat for at least ONE meal a week:-)

Yesterday we went to IKEA. I can spend hours in there....and a ton of money if I had it. I did pick up some bins and some slipcovers for the dining room chairs......$2.99 each! I was stoked. I have never seen them that cheap. I bought the cream coloured ones, but might go back and get the blue as well. They would look good for spring. We found the loft bed Joseph wants. As soon as either the bonus or the tax refund gets here, we're going to go get it. It will SO open up his room.

Today was quiet. Chris pruned roses, Joseph went to youth group and I worked on some scrapbooking. I am such a baby at it....but love it already. I aspire someday to be as good as Katie and Kim at scrapbooking;-) When we picked up Joseph and A from youth group and brought them home, A gets ou tof the car and asked what smelled so good. I had a roast in the oven. Its too bad he was going home tonight, I would have invited him for dinner. I don't think his mom cooks at all.....and I KNOW L doesn't. They go out for fast food every night. Poor kid.....had never had a hamburger that wasn't from BK or Mickey Ds until we fixed him one:(

I've got a new book to read. Its a Nora Roberts. I hope its as good as her others. I guess I'll take it in to bed and do a little reading:)

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