Friday, January 09, 2004

Well, Roy is out of the hospital and safely at home.

We went down to Santa Cruz last night & got a room at the Comfort Inn.....I just didn't want to bother Eleanor with staying there, and I didn't want to have to leave our house at 6 or 7 a.m.
The room had a spa bathtub. I decided it would be nice to take a bubble bath....since I only take showers at home. NOT a good idea, LOL. I squeezed a generous dollop of body wash into the water when I turned it on. No problem.....until I turned the jets on;-)

I almost had an I Love Lucy scene.....the bubbles kept growing and growing and growing......I was trying to knock them down.....I finally called to Chris to turn off the jets. I finished my bath......and no bubbles made it to the floor. I was afraid it was going to run over. When I told Chris and Joseph, they both got a giggle out of it. WTF was I thinking? Live and learn;-)

We dropped Chris off at the hospital and Joseph & I went downtown for a couple of hours. I found a couple of great books at Bookshop Santa Cruz & Borders. We had lunch at Zoccoli's OMG I had the best French onion soup....Joseph had beef stew....then I got a cannoli for dessert. OOPS Not low cal at all, but it was so worth it;)

Chris, the dumb shit...didn't eat lunch when he should have. He waited too long because he didn't want to bother R & he ended up going low and getting sick:/ I could smack him. He knows he has to eat, and he knows he can get very sick if he doesn't. But he has to be a freaking hero. He had nothing in his M&Ms, no glucose tablets....nothing:/ I ended up giving him TWO spoonfuls of sugar at Eleanors house. He is just now (at 10:30 at night) feeling better. I guess I am a bitch, because he gets no sympathy from me when he does that. He knows better. He's 48 years old for Gods sake, he's diabetic and he KNOWS he has to eat. Low blood sugar can KILL him. Stupid fuck. He will feel like crap all day tomorrow. He aches like he has the flu when this happens. I hope he will learn from this, but he is will happen again.

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