Saturday, January 17, 2004

I wish it would least the freaking FOG would go away for a while. I just don't want to do anything. Chris would say I don't GAF (Give a f*ck). He'd be right:/

Chris went to the Sportsmens Show at Cal Expo......Joseph & I dropped him off and went to the Guitar Center then to Arden Mall. It just wasn't worth spending $30 for the 3 of us to go to that thing, expecially when neither Joseph nor I wanted to go. He did pick up a few brochures I might want to look at.....later.

The mall had a few deals though......went into Rave and picked up 2 chenille sweaters for $10 total.....and got a new Mickey Mouse sweatshirt for $5.99...and a Grumpy one for Chris for $9.50 at the Disney Store. Gotta love 75% off sales;) Joseph found a tee at Zumiez....the Leningrad Peace Concert or something like that. Its very cool.

On the way home, Chris wanted to stop at the factory outlets......I finally picked up Fast Food Nation at the Book Warehouse. They had it for $5. I think we'll ALL read that one. Igot Joyce Maynard's autobiography.....looks interesting. Joseph picked out a couple of books about Tony Hawk,one on the Beatles (yep...that's my boy, lol) and one about the Montgomery marches from the 60s.

I fixed some fried brown rice with pork for dinner....and picked up chow mein & pot stickers to go with. Not very original, but again...who cares;)

And now....its a hot Saturday night. I almost said that with a straight face;) The boys are watching a movie (no idea what..some kung fu one I think) and I'm in front of the keyboard. WOW. Hows that for boring?

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