Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Made a library run this afternoon. After I paid the fines ($1.40....bad me) I got a MLK biography video and book for Social Studies for Joseph , along with a cool math book and a science book that covers earth science and environmental science. They should complement the workbooks this month. I also picked up a Harry Connick CD. Nothin like Harry to mellow me out....and its legal;)

Still don't know when we're going back to Santa Cruz. Apparently Roy will be in the hospital a couple more days. They may send him to the rehab center if he's still having trouble walking. (and they say he didn't have another stroke???) It worries me. Eleanor can't handle him at home if he's ill.....WTF will they do? I can't spend all my time down there....I have too much going on here, and its not my responsibility (bitchy, I know.) I'm tired of being the good girl and always doing the right thing:/

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