Monday, January 12, 2004

I hate Monday:-)

I have a ton of stuff to do, bills to pay....but I feel so rotten I am going to spend the day wrapped in a soft blanket, drinking tea. I have books due at the library, but I'm gonna renew them online so I don't have to go out today.

Joseph is doing a project about the Montgomery bus boycott as part of his MLK studies. I'm having him make a poster about the boycott. Luckily he's pretty self directed and can do the assignments with no help from me. I'd be worthless today. Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow......for CCD. I've got to get the kids ready for their test.....a must pass w/100%.

I'm still pissed about the loss of access thing. Someone thinks someone else *might* be taking something private and spreading it around. BS. My integrity is something I am very proud of.....and if I'm not trusted, I sure don't want to post anything there:/

The whole 'you shouldn't hang around with *those* people' crap chaps my hide. I've never been one to not be friends with someone because someone *else* doesn't like them. Not even in elementary school;)

Enough complaining for a bit;-)

Time for more tea & honey........I guess its chicken soup for lunch:-)

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