Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I'd better update so Katie doesn't stick her tongue out at me anymore;-)

I heard from both Steve and Casey about the Seattle gig. They both want me to go up for it. If I can swing it, I will. I could use a couple of days away......and a little harmless flirting will be good for the soul ;) I can't say as I would mind having someone tell me I look nice......and the hugs are worth the trip all by themselves. Geeze....I sound like a pathetic middle aged woman:/ Oh wait!! I am!!

Joseph has already finished the world history book I got him at the beginning of the school year. It was supposed to last til June. He likes it so much, he keeps working! I won't complain though. I'm glad he likes learning...and can do it at his own pace. He's getting a lot better on the guitar already too. It doesn't hurt my ears to listen to him practice.

Oops....Chris just pulled in from work....better go:)

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