Thursday, January 01, 2004

I can't believe it is 2004. Wow.

I have decided to join the weight losers list. I hate the way I look. It just compounds everything else. Its just one more thing to dislike about myself. People who look at me don't think I'm heavy....I can carry it well, but I know I am:( I really want to get back into a size 10. Its only one size but it means a lot.

Today wasn't a good day to start the diet/lifestyle change/whatever it is. Holiday dinners are NOT low cal. Oh well, there's always tomorrow. My biggest thing is snacking at night. That will have to change.

Tomorrow is the least the beginning. I have a lot to undecorate, lol. I found a cool set of candleholders and candles at Mervyns today....there are 5 or 6 of them, and they look antique. I think I will put them on the mantle when I take the Christmas stuff off there. The ruby glassware can go somewhere else. I need a change:)

I put the new flannel sheet set on the bed....and I am ready to crawl in. I think I'll turn on the telly in there and watch more Monk:-)

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