Friday, January 30, 2004

Candy sales are a major pain;)

A wonderful benefit of homeschooling is that I haven't had to deal with candy sales, except for buying from other kids. Enter youth group. Joseph brought home a brochure Sunday....for Sees candy. Well hell, you know I can't resist See's. Thing is, they only give them one week for selling....not nearly long enough IMO. Luckily we have chocoholics living next door, lol. Ben & company bought a lot! Chris took it to work but only got a few sales. I think the kids are supposed to sell a minimum of 10 boxes.....Joseph has sold 30, so he's done his part.

Chris has decided he wants a new Melitta coffee maker. He got one for the office, and says it makes the best coffee. Off to Target we go, but they only have black ones, and I want white. Oh well....we'll have to look somewhere else tomorrow. Target *was* having a great clearance sale.......I bought another set of flannel sheets for $17. They're cream color, so I can use them past winter. There are also racks and racks of clothes for 50 and 75% off.....I need to go back tomorrow without a husband and teenager in tow;)

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