Thursday, January 22, 2004

I had to replace my iron today. I was pissed. We bought that damn iron last month....and it up and quit. What a POS. I didn't save my stupid receipt either, so I couldn't take it back. I DID send a complaint to Sunbeam, maker of said piece of shit iron. I bought a GE iron....looks like a much better one. It has vertical steam (woo hoo!) Lord, it doesn't take much to make me iron with vertical steam. Pathetic;)

I've been taking all the tests on line the past few days.....what presidential candidate most reflects my views.....what kind of thinker I am.....

The thinker one surprised me. According to that test, I am a musical thinker. Its true that music is very much tied to my emotions.

I've been thinking a lot about Jimmy lately. I can't believe he's been gone for 5 seems like yesterday. I miss him. He was one of the good guys:( I guess me thinking about him is why I have had that dream the past few nights. Weird.

Chris wants to go to the Sports & Boat Show at the Cow Palace this weekend.....I want to go to the Home Decorating Expo in Sacramento. Wonder where we'll end up going.

I was good for dinner. I grilled some pork chops, made a side of pasta w/garlic & olive oil, and had green beans with it. My big downfall is snacking at night. If I can knock THAT off I will be ok. I need to drink more water too......which I will do right now:-)

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