Thursday, January 15, 2004

I am SO glad I don't live on the east coast right now. BRRRRR. I'm cold enough with my 50* temps and fog we have. I'll bet big bro is freezing his ass off. I'll have to email him and tease him about Boston's weather.....because I'm the little sister, and its my job;)

Joseph took out the garbage, fed all the animals and swept the sidewalk without being told to. Will wonders ever cease?? Its not that he doesn't do his chores, its just that he usually has to be *reminded*

This has been the longest has been dragging! I guess its this damn cold I have. I hate being all stuffy:/ I got some bills paid today. I think I'll fix lentils for dinner. Joseph can make some cornbread and I'll go out and snip some lettuce for a salad. Chris will most likely be laste, so he can heat it up when he gets home..tomorrow night is pizza night....and the new Monk is on too. Yay! I love Monk;)

I ran into Goodwill while I was running errands this afternoon.

Deal of the day: Brand new down vest for $1.99!

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